Ultimate Cancer Care


A multi function unit to prepare the body for a spontaneous remission by cleaning it of parasites worms and viruses. It reproduces the original Rife frequencies for Sarcoma and Carcinoma morbidity(death)
plus a Zapper, a Blood Electrifier,a DC unit for electrolysis on cancer tumors and a Tens unit


The Ultimate Cancer Care Unit is a five device applicator including the “Zapper,” a Colloidal Silver Generator,a D.C. Current Applicator and the Original Rife Frequencies forSarcoma type Cancers and Carcinoma type cancers.When rife applied these frequenciesto Cancer Viruses
in a slide they all died and wound up in a clump on one side of the microscope slide.



Using an Oscilloscope we were able to clone the original rife waveform which is a positive D.C.pulse with a nasty spike on the leading edge. Only frequencies over 1 000 000 cycles per second are able to penetrate cell walls, biofilms and Nerve  Sheaths to affect the viruses and Mycoplasmas hiding there.  Our Cancer  Virus Morbidity(death) frequencies are  Raymond Rife’s original frequencies:

Carcinoma  1,607 450CPS , 3,208 000 CPS             Sarcoma:  1,529 520 CPS, 3,060 000CPS

We are not interested in Unsubstantiated Frequencies.

A second use or HIDDEN FUNCTION  of the Colloidal Silver Generator is that it is adjustable in output.Chinese research  has determined that  3 to 6 milliamps of direct current, applied to a tumor, four to eight hours, FOR 21 DAYS gave a 30% cure rate out of a peer group of 10 000 tumor patients.Plus another 40% of the same group of patients with reductions of their tumors.With this function it is possible for you to try this without interfering with standard Medical treatments. Tumors are full of violent poisons so before doing this you should do a liver cleans as the liver will have to deal with the poisons.Shrinking and deactivating the tumor in this way might  get it inactivated enough  for the body to eliminate it naturally.In any case, D.C. current modifies the surface of viruses so they can no longer attach to human cells invade and reproduce.This is a non  invasive treatment you can try.The results of Chinese research on direct electrical current against Cancer, Virus, Bacteria, and Fungus are listed below.When the colloidal silver maker dial is set to minimum it is factory calibrated to be 3 milliamps of direct current. This is applied across the tumor using the reusable adhesive pads.

Researchers found that the D.C.current kills tumors by these means:

(1)  Changing the PH in tissues close to the electrodes,

(2)  Changing an enzyme that the cancer cells need to reproduce,

(3)  Detoxifying the tumor with oxygen that is produced by electrolysis,

(4)  Changing the trans membrane voltage in the Cancerous cells,

(5)  Producing tumor-damaging toxins from the electrochemical reactions, and

(6)  Stimulating the cellular and humotal(liquid) components of the immune system

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 20 cm