We Have Less Than Two Weeks to Finalize Preparationby DRenegadeI do not know how better to emphasize the points other than to be direct and brutally honest.  Sometimes you just have to call the baby ugly.  The window to prepare for the incoming crisis of our lifetime is now down to two weeks.  Hopefully, that is specific enough….Adding to the supply chain and inflation crisis, in about a week the vaccine mandate and subsequent commercial passport means 30,000 cross border truckers are about to get shut down from operating between the United States and Canada.“70% of the 700 billion in trade between Canada and the US is moved by truck. This will have a dramatic effect on supplies and services reaching their destination and getting in the hands of those who need them. One needs to look no further than the recent UK fuel shortage, where the military had to be brought in to deliver fuel as a result of a lack of truck drivers. We are already seeing shortages, if these shortages reach critical levels on items such as fuel, food, blood, medicine or medical supplies, we will see real long-lasting damage.”~ Mike Milliam, President of the Private Motor Truck Council of CanadaAs noted by those following the issue(s) closely: “Starting January 15th, 2022, truckers must show a proof of vaccine to cross the Canada/US borders. Since March 2020, drivers were considered “essential”. They could cross the border without a covid test or the vaccine. Under Biden/Trudeau administration, this is about to change”:
 The Gipper Lives January 9, 2022 5:28 pm  “…and remember, subjects of the State, there is No Such Thing as Mass Psychosis! But if you insist otherwise, we will shut down the economy, ruin your business, close your churches, ban medical treatments, force you to take an experimental injection, destroy your child’s education, censor your speech and conduct a Reichstag Riot. Another one, I mean.”
KGB TACTICS IN USA Yuri Bezmenov: “The main emphasis of the KGB is NOT in the area of intelligence at all (secret blueprints, etc.) …only about 15% of time, money, and manpower is spent on espionage as such. The other 85% is a slow process which we call either ideological subversion, active measures, or psychological warfare. What it basically means is: to change the perception of reality of every American that despite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community, and their country. It’s a great brainwashing process which goes very slow and is divided into four basic stages. The first one being “demoralization”. …The result? The result you can see … the people who graduated in the 60’s, dropouts or half-baked intellectuals, are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media, and educational systems. You are stuck with them. You can’t get through to them. They are contaminated. They are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern [alluding to Pavlov]. You cannot change their mind even if you expose them to authentic information. Even if you prove that white is white and black is black, you still can not change the basic perception and the logic of behavior. In other words, for these people the process of demoralization is complete and irreversible. To rid society of these people you need another 15 or 20 years to educate a new generation of patriotically minded and common sense people who would be acting in favor and in the interests of United States society.”Ex-KGB Explains “The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion” … It’s All Happening Now (video) | SGT Report 4 
DOWN THE RABBIT HOLEOnce a collective group creates an alternate reality of itself, in this case a totalitarian reality based on government needing to create an irrational illusion of fear that becomes part of the accepted national identity, how can anyone call attention to the outcomes without finding themselves in front of the board of inquisition who organizes the collective?Put another way… if the pod under your bed malfunctioned, but the pods under all the other beds in the city worked, what happens when you awaken and realize you are not one of them, but you must engage in the world of them while looking for others -like yourself- whose pods hopefully malfunctioned?   That is the current challenge for anyone trying to communicate on contrary evidence and yet avoid the ire from the collective board of COVID compliance who have successfully brainwashed the audience.As a rather prescient Lewis Carroll shared so brilliantly in his novel of Alice, Through The Looking Glass:“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see?”FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT…..DEJOUR  .
AMERIKAS    FINAL    SOLUTIONThe Biden Administration Is Shifting the Power to (Medically) Incarcerate Dissidents In Concentration Camps Run by the StatesSubmitted by Dave Hodges on Sunday, January 9, 2022 – 15:41.ch fema cmpI believe that the Supreme Court is going to rule in favor of Biden’s vaccine and mask mandates. However, if they don’t, I expect the Supreme Court will refer the matter to state jurisdication. In other words, I believe that the most we can hope for is that the state, not the feds, will put you in a concentration camp under false health pretenses. In the early days of the so-called pandemic, Arkansas, alleged CV-19 victims, were transported what I would call a FEMA medical martial law facility. This is not an isolated incident. Arizona has granted governor, Doug Ducey, the authority to create, operate and maintain concentration camps.  The camps are allegedly for a deadly pathogen from which quarantine is determined to needed. Yet, it is the governor that makes that determination, not a health board nor the State Legislature. This is the create of a medical martial law dictatorship. It follows the HHS guidelines for ESF#8-14. Celeste Solum and myself have done an interview on this precise issue.  I am aware of 3 states that have disguised health protection laws that are a thinly veiled cover for thinly veiled concentration camps. Remember, Biden just admitted that there is no federal solution to covid. The intent to use the federal government to impose health-based concentration camps is now shifted to the states. I know of 3 states and they are Arizona, Washington and Arkansas. I suspect all 50 states have these provisions. Below is the text of New York’s attempt to impose health-based concentration camps upon the people. A 416 (New York)THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK, REPRESENTED IN SENATE AND ASSEM- BLY, DO ENACT AS FOLLOWS: Section 1. The public health law is amended by adding a new section 2120-a to read as follows: § 2120-A. REMOVAL AND DETENTION OF CASES, CONTACTS AND CARRIERS WHO ARE OR MAY BE A DANGER TO PUBLIC HEALTH; OTHER ORDERS. 1. THE PROVISIONS OF THIS SECTION SHALL BE UTILIZED IN THE EVENT THAT THE GOVERNOR DECLARES A STATE OF HEALTH EMERGENCY DUE TO AN EPIDEMIC OF ANY COMMUNI- CABLE DISEASE. 2. UPON DETERMINING BY CLEAR AND CONVINCING EVIDENCE THAT THE HEALTH OF OTHERS IS OR MAY BE ENDANGERED BY A CASE, CONTACT OR CARRIER, OR SUSPECTED CASE, CONTACT OR CARRIER OF A CONTAGIOUS DISEASE THAT, IN THE OPINION OF THE GOVERNOR, AFTER CONSULTATION WITH THE COMMISSIONER, MAY POSE AN IMMINENT AND SIGNIFICANT THREAT TO THE PUBLIC HEALTH RESULTING IN SEVERE MORBIDITY OR HIGH MORTALITY, THE GOVERNOR OR HIS OR HER DELE- GEE, INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO THE COMMISSIONER OR THE HEADS OF LOCAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTS, MAY ORDER THE REMOVAL AND/OR DETENTION OF SUCH A PERSON OR OF A GROUP OF SUCH PERSONS BY ISSUING A SINGLE ORDER, IDEN- TIFYING SUCH PERSONS EITHER BY NAME OR BY A REASONABLY SPECIFIC DESCRIPTION OF THE INDIVIDUALS OR GROUP BEING DETAINED. SUCH PERSON OR GROUP OF PERSONS SHALL BE DETAINED IN A MEDICAL FACILITY OR OTHER APPRO- PRIATE FACILITY OR PREMISES DESIGNATED BY THE GOVERNOR OR HIS OR HER DELEGEE AND COMPLYING WITH SUBDIVISION FIVE OF THIS SECTION. 3. A PERSON OR GROUP REMOVED OR DETAINED BY ORDER OF THE GOVERNOR OR HIS OR HER DELEGEE PURSUANT TO SUBDIVISION TWO OF THIS SECTION SHALL BE EXPLANATION–Matter in ITALICS (underscored) is new; matter in brackets [ ] is old law to be omitted. LBD04443-01-1Fortunately, the outcry was so dramatic, that New York killed A 416 and replaced it with a home confinement bill.  The legilslature will undountedly try again in the near future. It can accurately be said the intent was for New York create a netework of concentration camps. In Arizona, the people are not so lucky as the good people of Arizona already have their concentration camps.Presently in Airzona and I presume in your state, as well, the state can imprison you for “suspected” symptoms and they can forcibly vaccinate force other treatment upon a person or persons. In short, governors are granting themselves the authority to have complete control over your freedom, your body and even your life. Excerpts from Arizona statue are listed below relative to the topic at hand. My responses to individual parts of this tyranny are listed in the documented in bold print.  Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-787. Public health authority during state of emergency or state of war emergency B. In addition to the authority provided in subsection A of this section, during a state of emergency or state of war emergency, the governor, in consultation with the director of the department of health services, may issue orders that:1. Mandate medical examinations for exposed persons.2. Ration medicine and vaccines.3. Provide for transportation of medical support personnel and ill and exposed persons.4. Provide for procurement of medicines and vaccines.C. In addition to the authority provided in subsections A and B, during a state of emergency or state of war emergency in which there is an occurrence or the imminent threat of smallpox, plague, viral hemorrhagic fevers or a highly contagious and highly fatal disease with transmission characteristics similar to smallpox, the governor, in consultation with the director of the department of health services, may issue orders that:1. Mandate treatment or vaccination of persons who are diagnosed with illness resulting from exposure or who are reasonably believed to have been exposed or who may reasonably be expected to be exposed.You don’t have to be exposed, the Governor’s people only say you might be exposed before being taken to a FEMA medical martial law camp. Further, there is no exception listed for people who may have a pre-existing medical condition that would contraindicate any treatment.2. Isolate and quarantine persons.This is precisely what I wrote about in the fall of 2014.  This follows under the guidelines of ESF#8. Please look at what I found in 2014 when ebola was the imminent threat.   Look at the participating partners in the “hospital” detainment centers in the EFS #8 document. This list is very revealing as to the intended purpose of these camps. Support Agencies:Department of AgricultureDepartment of CommerceDepartment of DefenseDepartment of EnergyDepartment of Homeland SecurityDepartment of the InteriorDepartment of JusticeDepartment of LaborDepartment of StateDepartment of TransportationDepartment of Veterans AffairsEnvironmental Protection AgencyGeneral Services AdministrationU.S. Agency for International DevelopmentU.S. Postal ServiceAmerican Red Cross  Sometimes, it is not what a person says that is important, it is what they do not say. In the above list of Ebola detainment centers, I don’t see the CDC or the National Institute of Health listed. Nor do I see any legitimate medical organizations. I don’t even see the presence of any “volunteer” medical organizations such as Doctors Without Borders. Does anyone else find it disturbing that the transport of very sick people will be conducted and the end point is devoid of any medical treatment organizations and/or facilities? These camps are death camps. There is not one shred of evidence that these camps are intended to treat or even make comfortable people who will contract Ebola or be exposed to Ebola. The most disturbing thing is that these camps will be death camps for relatively healthy people. If you are a person who is unlucky enough to be discovered to have asthma or merely be temporarily suffering from congestion in one’s lungs from allergies or a simple cold, you could find yourself on one of the Federally approved ambulance services (bus, train, plane) and headed to your final destination.Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-788. Isolation and quarantine during a state of emergency or state of war emergency B. The department or local health authority may, during the state of emergency or state of war emergency declared by the governor, do the following:1. Establish and maintain places of isolation and quarantine, which may include the residence of the person quarantined.2. Require isolation or quarantine of any person by the least restrictive means necessary to protect the public health.  The department or local health authority shall use all reasonable means to prevent the transmission of disease among the isolated or quarantined persons.C. The department, a county health department or a public health services district shall ensure, to the extent possible, that the premises in which a person is isolated or quarantined is maintained in a safe and hygienic manner and is designed to minimize the likelihood of further transmission of disease or other harm to a person subject to isolation or quarantine.  Adequate food, clothing, medication and other necessities, competent medical care and means of communicating with those in and outside these settings shall be made available.D. A person subject to isolation or quarantine shall comply with the department’s or local health authority’s rules and orders, shall not go beyond the isolation or quarantine premises and shall not come in contact with any person not subject to isolation or quarantine other than a physician or other health care provider, department or local health authority or person authorized to enter an isolation or quarantine premises by the department or local health authority.E. Other than a person authorized by the department or local health authority, a person shall not enter an isolation or quarantine premises.  If, by reason of an unauthorized entry into an isolation or quarantine premises, the person poses a danger to public health, the department, or local health authority may place the person in isolation or quarantine pursuant to this section or § 36-789 .F. The department, or local health authority must terminate isolation or quarantine of a person if it determines that the isolation or quarantine is no longer necessary to protect the public health.To sum up this portion of this unconstitutional law, self-granting dictatorship, the person does not even have to have been diagnosed with a dangerous pathogen. They simply “could be” exposed. They are clearly transported to a third party site of an undetermined nature. Family may not visit. Their medications will be controlled. And as we witnessed in ARS 36-787, there is no established authority to provide diagnosis. It is so open-ended that we must consider the fact that this could be misused as a potential abuse for political persecution.  Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-789. Due process for isolation and quarantine during a state of emergency or state of war emergency A.The department, or local health authority may isolate or quarantine a person or group of persons through a written directive without first obtaining a written order from the court if any delay in the isolation or quarantine of the person would pose an immediate and serious threat to the public health.  It is quite obvious that this carries the authority of Stalinist Russia or the Gestapo of Nazi Germany. You will have no rights. No courts are involved, no appeal can be made until the sentence is executed.  B. Within ten days after issuing the written directive, or when any delay in the isolation or quarantine of a person or group of persons will not pose an immediate and serious threat to the public health, the department or local health authority shall file a petition for a court order authorizing the initial or continued isolation or quarantine of a person or group of persons.  Citizens will be declared “guilty” after they are jailed.  This has “political prisoner” written all over this document.  H. Before an isolation or quarantine order expires, the department or local health authority may move to continue the isolation or quarantine for an additional period not to exceed thirty days.  The court shall grant the motion if, by a preponderance of the evidence, isolation or quarantine is shown to be reasonably necessary to protect the public health.Please note that it is important to consider what is NOT being said here. Is the person going to be afforded an attorney to represent their interest? It certainly does ot appear to be the case. If so, this makes the court the rubber stamp for the dictatorial authority of the Governor.L. A record of the proceedings pursuant to this section shall be made and retained.  If, because of a state of emergency or state of war emergency declared pursuant to § 36-787 , parties cannot personally appear before the court, the proceedings may be conducted by the authorized representatives of the parties and held by any means that allows all parties to fully participate.Please note that the citizen is not even guaranteed to attend the trial that determines their freedom or incarceration. Please ask the question, who are “authorized representatives”?  How can it be guaranteed that this authorized representatives are approved by the person that is incarcerated and being adjudicated AFTER THE FACT!!!M. The court shall appoint counsel at state expense to represent a person or group of persons who is subject to isolation or quarantine pursuant to this article and who is not otherwise represented by counsel.  Representation by appointed counsel continues throughout the duration of the isolation or quarantine of the person or group of persons.  The department or local health authority must provide adequate means of communication between the isolated or quarantined persons and their counsel.Finally, the statute addresses counsel, but the conditions are so nebulous that one cannot guarantee that the 5th Amendment rights of due process are being followed. Remember, the person has already been locked up for at least 10 days at this point. This looks like window dressing to disguise the fact that there are not citizen, civil liberty protections in place. Arizona Revised Statutes Title 36. Public Health and Safety § 36-790. Privileges and immunitiesB. A person or health care provider undertaking any activity required by this article, including reporting, participating in quarantine or isolation procedures, is immune from civil or criminal liability if the person or health care provider acted in good faith.  Actions required by this article are presumed to be in good faith.C. The immunities prescribed in § 26-314 are applicable to §§ 36-787 , 36-788 and 36-789 .Why would the state grant unconditional, blanket immunity for the actions of people connected with this unconstitutional process if they were not breaking any laws or doing anything wrong? This last section tells everyone what they need to know about this process. As Celeste Solum and myself have been saying, this is medical martial law and can be used against anyone, at any time and for any reason including, political, religious, age discrimination, race  or any other defining characteristic that does not meet with the governing authority. As I stated, I have recently reported on 3 states who have the power to incarcerate, without due process, citizens under presumed health threats. Please send me examples from your state in the comment section. Who ever said that concentration camps were just for the Nazis? I also expect that blue-helmet wearing Chicoms will be employed to carry out these deeds (look at FM 39.4 section H).Finally, it should be noted that there is no oversight on the actions fo the governor. He/she acts with impunity, answers to nobody and has no accountability.  0flipboard 26  4  9  39    CommentsTo comment, you must Log In or RegisterAbout the Authordave hodgesDave Hodges has been publishing the Common Sense Show since 2012. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty. 
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A POSSIBILITY OF INFERTILITY FROM VAXCINE SPIKES? XI. Several vaccine candidates are expected to induce the formation of humoral antibodiesagainst spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. Syncytin-1 (see Gallaher, B., “Response to nCoV2019Against Backdrop of Endogenous Retroviruses” – http://virological.org/t/response-to-ncov2019-against-backdrop-of-endogenous-retroviruses/396), which is derived from human endogenousretroviruses (HERV) and is responsible for the development of a placenta in mammals andhumans and is therefore an essential prerequisite for a successful pregnancy, is also found inhomologous form in the spike proteins of SARS viruses. There is no indication whetherantibodies against spike proteins of SARS viruses would also act like anti-Syncytin-1antibodies. However, if this were to be the case this would then also prevent the formation of aplacenta which would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile. To myknowledge, Pfizer/BioNTech has yet to release any samples of written materials provided topatients, so it is unclear what, if any, information regarding (potential) fertility-specific riskscaused by antibodies is included.According to section 10.4.2 of the Pfizer/BioNTech trial protocol, a woman of childbearingpotential (WOCBP) is eligible to participate if she is not pregnant or breastfeeding, and is usingan acceptable contraceptive method as described in the trial protocol during the interventionperiod (for a minimum of 28 days after the last dose of study intervention).This means that it could take a relatively long time before a noticeable number of cases of postvaccinationinfertility could be observed. INFORMED CONSENT?
THE VACCINE DEATH REPORT. LOOK IT UP ON THE NET.vaccinereport.pdf (stopworldcontrol.com) 
 What the Democrats Cannot Hide Is Their Intention to Commit Genocide-The 8 Stages of GenocideSubmitted by Dave Hodges on Monday, January 10, 2022 – 14:31.genocideIs America on a path to genocide with the creation of Covid concentration camps and mandatory taking of the kill shots? It would appear so, however, let’s acquiesce to the experts to more fully answer this question. One of these experts is Greg Stanton. Ihave discussed Stanton in the past. However, recent developments make it necessary to update the analysis as it has changed significantly. Gregory H. Stanton, President of Genocide Watch, wrote the most salient paper on the topic of Democide, that is by definition, genocide by government against its people. In his analysis, Stanton identified 8 key stages related to the process of genocide? Classification Symbolization Dehumanization Organization Polarization Preparation, Extermination and Denial.Stanton defines genocide as “A process that develops in eight stages that are predictable but not inexorable. At each stage, preventive measures can stop it. The process is not linear.  Logically, later stages must be preceded by earlier stages.  But all stages continue to operate throughout the process. In other words, the processes and stages overlap and this is precisely what we see in modern day America.In this article, I will review the 8 stages and comment with modern day examples of how these stages are being enacted, today.At the end of the analysis, I will present the results of a correlation analysis that I performed on the relative strength of each stage in present day America, culminating with an over-all assigning of a summative correlation score.In case your keeping score, stage 6 of the 8 Stanton stages have been fully achieved. The last two stages are clearly being acted upon by the Biden administration and its confederate allies that run so-called Blue states.  The 8 Stages With CommentCLASSIFICATION: All cultures have categories to distinguish people into “us and them” by ethnicity, race, religion, or nationality: German and Jew, Hutu and Tutsi. Bipolar societies that lack mixed categories, such as Rwanda and Burundi, are the most likely to have genocide.”If you are white and a nationalist, you are labeled a white nationalistor, or more commonly, today, a white supremacist (see below). All this term means is that a Caucasians put America first, they like the Constitution, and roots for America to win in America to win in the Olympics. Today, this term has been bootstrapped to mean white supremacist. When Tucker Carson said white supremacy is a myth, Fox suspended him. The NYT admits, from leaked documents that they have shifted their strategy from Russia-Trump to racism-Trump. And of course anyone who supports Trump is also a racist. This has evolved into a mantra that is totally devoid of logic. If one supports the rule of law and the Constitution and decries the criminal behavior of Democratic Party forces (eg Antifa’s/BLM 574 riots in calendar year 2021), then one is a racist and there is no punishment to great. The Leftist logic breaks down when Larry Elder and Candace Owens (both Black) are labled as “white supremacists” for espousing views related to lthe support of aw and order. The lockdowns have also provided a means to discriminate against Christians. It is no secret that the globalists are Satanists. As such, they fear Christ. Therefore they do not miss an opportunity to discriminate against Christians. In lockdowns, it was common to see strip clubs open, but not churches. White, nationalist, gun owner, constitutionalist, anti-abortion and Christian are the identifiable traits which will will the modern day death camps. “SYMBOLIZATION: We give names or other symbols to the classifications. We name people “Jews” or “Gypsies”, or distinguish them by colors or dress; and apply the symbols to members of groups. Classification and symbolization are universally human and do not necessarily result in genocide unless they lead to the next stage, dehumanization. When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups: the yellow star for Jews under Nazi rule, the blue scarf for people from the Eastern Zone in Khmer Rouge Cambodia.” And now we can add the Marxist organizations of BLM, Antifa and the Democratic Party.   Today, the new KKK hoods are anything that promotes America’s greatness or support of Trump. This includes all MAGA clothing. If one wants to get beat up today, just wear a MAGA hat in public, or show political support for Trump. Increasingly, all gun owners are mass murderers. If one wants to be branded a racists, wear something that says “Make America Great Again”.This observation also holds true for the DemocratsDEHUMANIZATION: “One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects or diseases. Dehumanization overcomes the normal human revulsion against murder. At this stage, hate propaganda in print and on hate radios is used to vilify the victim group. In combating this dehumanization, incitement to genocide should not be confused with protected speech.”  The Left’s hatred of MAGA and anyone who supports Trump moves from simple symbolizing one as a racist to one who wants to exterminate Blacks (eg MSNBC). How many times has a professor, or an actor called for the killing of whites, particularly white males? Even Rep. Omar said that the problem with America was “dangerous white men”. White males, and Christians are being stigmatized from every angle to the point that these “MAGA” supporters are attacked in public. At the recent Portland riots, I watched video of a man and his 10 year old daughter being attacked by the domestic terror group, ANTIFA. One has to really dehumanize an individual when they attack a 10 year old girl. Throw journalist Andy Ngo into the mix, we have clear examples of symbolization and dehumanization.ORGANIZATION: “Genocide is always organized, usually by the state, often using militias to provide deniability of state responsibility (the Janjaweed in Darfur.) Sometimes organization is informal (Hindu mobs led by local RSS militants) or decentralized (terrorist groups.) Special army units or militias are often trained and armed.”The Democrats are in the midst of a communist revolution and have successfully executed a coup. Every action taken by the Democrats in the House and Senate was designed to remove Donald Trump from power. The Wuhan Flu was designed to bring about changes in our election system (eg ballot harvesting, untrackable fake absentee ballots, etc) brought about the biggest case of election fraud in world history.  From there, they will have smooth sailing to a complete governmental takeover. The Democrats are already using militias and paramilitary groups to carry out their dirty work. America will soon hear a lot about Obama’s OFS. They will make Antifa look like law-abiding citizens. They are as brutal as the cartels. This strategy, being enacted by the Left is exemplified, but not limited to ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, Open Society, etc., all George Soros groups. One should take note that that ANTIFA, like Hitler’s Brown Shirts, are now uniformed and are very well trained courtesy of the Communist Chinese, who also control a sizeable segment of Congress as well as local and state officials.After stealing the 2020 election, the Democrats are not leaving Trump supporters alone. There is a stepped level of dangerous level of threats being leveled against non compliant people. POLARIZATION: “Extremists drive the groups apart. Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda.   Extremist terrorism targets moderates, intimidating and silencing the center. Moderates from the perpetrators’ own group are most able to stop genocide, so are the first to be arrested and killed.”Google and social media’s censorship and deplatforming of conservatives and in particular conservative Christians and even more pronounced, white conservatives, are being targeted. Jobs are being lost for being conservative and personal safety is in question. Senator Rand Paul was beaten and has required 2 surgeries related to the beating. Later Rand Paul and his wife, along with 4 DC policemen were chased to Rand Paul’s hotel. Police officers are being attacked for carrying out the arrests of extreme Leftists as they are doused in water and urine with plastic bottles while the Democratic mayors of these cities do nothing. The ICE building in Portland was firebombed. Representative Maxine Waters, and others like her, have called for violence against Trump, as has Madonna and several others.This concept of genocide is developing and evolving right before our eyes. Soon, nobody will be safe. Biden just declared war on 80-100 million Americans when he said that “Trump supporters are the dagger in the throat of Democracy.” The unspoken meaning is apparent. A threat of this magnitude cannot be left unatttended.There is an extreme polarization of justice that cannot go unmentioned. Illegal immigrants have to neither wear masks or bee vaccinated and the companies that are firing their employees for not being vaccinated will hire these people right off the streets. In the greatest act of polarization,the same hospitals that are firing your doctors and nurses will treat these unvaccinated hordes without question.Here is the frightening aspect of this stage: The hatred and prejudice against Trump supporters has grown to another group, the unvaccinated. Even though the opposite is true, the vaccinated are accused of “killing” the vaccinated because of their non-compliance. The ability to put food on one’s table is being compromised if one does not submit to multile kill shots.  SEVERAL STATES ARE NOW PREPARING CONCENTRATION CAMPS, UNDER THE GUISE OF MEDICAL INTERVENTION, IN ORDER TO HOUSE DISSIDENTS WHO ARE FALSELY ACCUSED OF BEING A PUBLIC HEALTH THREAT. PREPARATION: “Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity. Death lists are drawn up. Members of victim groups are forced to wear identifying symbols. Their property is expropriated. They are often segregated into ghettoes, deported into concentration camps, or confined to a famine-struck region and starved.? As Steve Quayle has repeatedly pointed out, there are Red Lists, etc., that will be used one day to lessen the number of Americans among us.Don’t forget that Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, AOC and other democrats have threatened to place all conservatives on lists and make certain that the populist movement ever starts again. The Social Credit System in China is an example of this process, where one’s right to housing, travel, employment and food is taken away for wrongful participation on the internet. That Google-designed system is now appearing in both Google and other social media algorithms being enacted against American conservatives. Dr. Malone, the ex-CEO of Pfizer and well known for his anti-vax status has been removed from Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. As a sitting President, Trump was removed from social media as has a sitting Congresswoman, Majorie Taylor Greene. False flag attacks add to the cause of preparation to exterminate. Look at January 6h, and as Doug Thornton has expressed, is the modern day Reichstag Fire. As Hitler used the Reichstag Fire false flag event to take over the government and eliminate all political opposition, the Democrats led by the Mafia Princess, Nancy Pelosi, is seeking to ban as many GOP from running for office, including Trump, for and remote connection to the J6 riots, which clearly was not a revolution or an insurrection. It was a false flag attack led by Nancy Pelosi organized forces who encouraged and let people into congressional buidlings. This is why she won’t release thousands of hours of video, because the false flag event would be exposed. We already have proof, from video played on Fox News, that Ray Epps, who encouraged all on January 5th to storm the Congressional building the next day as the aware patriots chanted “Fed” at Epps. Want proof of the this false flag, Epps has not been prosecuted. The Common Sense Show just made Google’s Black List of dangerous website as did Mike Adams’s site. The NSA has constructed, according to my insider sources, a “naughty and nice” list from their incessant surveillance. From Alexa to Google products, our entire lives are being stalked and profiled. The correlation in this variable, is not a perfect 1.0, but everything is in process. For example, under Obama we saw the development of the NDAA, arrests without due process for very undefined reasons. Also, we saw the leaking of FM 39.4, which is the organizational manual for FEMA Camps. So it is easy to conclude that when the Left had control of the government they are putting their “preparation stamp” upon America. To use a baseball term, Obama was the 8th inning set-up pitcher and Hillary was to be the 9th inning closer, but along came the rise of populism and Donald Trump. In all likelihood, Trump is just a speed bump that is slowing down the process.Ask yourself why we have admitted members of MS-13. They are the hit men for the drug cartels. This fact, alone, legitimizes points #5 and #6.The first 6 stages have been realized. As Hitler targeted the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals and homeless, this generation of genocidal maniacs have their targets and they are Unvaccinated who will not bend to the will of tyrants, Whites, Christians and people who support law and order. If you fit into one of these groups, you better begin to prepare to evade detection and arrest because when you go to the covid extermination camps, you are not coming out!“EXTERMINATION begins, and quickly becomes the mass killing legally called “genocide.” It is “extermination” to the killers because they do not believe their victims to be fully human. When it is sponsored by the state, the armed forces often work with militias to do the killing. Sometimes the genocide results in revenge killings by groups against each other, creating the downward whirlpool-like cycle of bilateral genocide (as in Burundi). At this stage, only rapid and overwhelming armed intervention can stop genocide.”
 There are elements of this concept in evidence. Have you ever asked yourself the question as to why school shootings and mass public shooting are practically unique to the United States? Narratives, like the El Paso shooting do not hold up to forensic scrutiny. This was clearly a false flag that was designed to force Congress to enact gun legislation that will prevent the populace from being able to effectively defend themselves against a tyrannical and deadly takeover.According to the University of Hawaii Democide Project, there were 16 genocides in the 20th century. Everyone of them was preceded by first enacting gun registration and later confiscation. There were no exceptions. This combined with Obama’s Executive Order 13603 which calls for labor camps, confiscation of any and all resources, etc, speaks to the fact that extermination is the goal that is being pursued by the extreme Left. For some of the readers of the CSS, the light just went on and there was just a collective awareness realized by readers who now know why I am exposing FEMA camps and genocidal legislation in recent writings. It is coming America, you better wake the hell up!When one includes, vaccines, GMO’s, chemtrails, and the still ongoing radiation from Fukushima, etc., it is clear that the slow-kill genocide is already underway. The vaccines and the camps will complete the task. According to Stanton, if America is to survive, an armed counter-revolution is the only answer once the process has gone this far.8. “DENIAL is the eighth stage that always follows a genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims. They block investigations of the crimes, and continue to govern until driven from power by force, when they flee into exile. There they remain with impunity,  The movie “The Hunt” is an example of this process of advocating for genocide. Epstein’s exploits in alliance with the participation of many of our elected elite and not elected elite speaks to how far the lawlessness has gone. Children were murdered in great numbers so that these groups could more fully enjoy the fruits of their murderous and perverted pleasures. This is the beginning of genocide against children, particularly blond-haired and blue-eyed children.”There are complete media cover-ups of the soft kill genocides being taken against our people. Chemtrails and GMO’s for example, are never discussed in the MSM, despite ample scientific evidence. Weather wars are being perpetrated against the people and are on the verge of creating mass starvation (eg Midwest). Vaccine deaths are covered up and as the Frontline Doctors have stated through their attorney, Tom Renz, the variants, which cannot be accurately tested for, are being used to coverup vaccine deaths. I previously predicted that when a regime change would take place in 2020, these soft kill strategies will give way to roundups and FEMA camp exterminations.Data AnalysisI will not bore the reader with the extreme details of operationalizing variables and chi-square and the like, but I would like to share my data results of where America is at today with regard to these 8 stages of genocide. Last year, I ran a data analysis using my old SPSS statistical program In my academic career, I have written two courses on statistics   I also spent nearly 5 years over-seeing dissertation construction for some masters-degree students. Therefore, I have the academic expertise and experience to devise and calculate and draw researc inferences from data sets that I designed. Here is what I found.In correlation research, any correlation ranging from .7-1.0 is very strong .   A 1.0  correlation is a perfect correlation. The results were stunning. In correlation research, any correlation ranging from .7-1.0 is very strong.   A 1.0  correlation is a perfect correlation. One has to remember that correlation does not show causation, it shows a degree of relationship (ie factors that would go together). I constructed a list of factors related to genocide using Stalin, Hitler and MaoHere is what I found:1. The likelihood of genocide in America is nearly guaranteed with a  .95 correlation.  THE ONLY FACTOR NOT IN COMMON WITH THESE 3 REGIMES WAS HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT AT THE TIME I RAN THE NUMBERS. NOW, WE HAVE HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT.  This leads me to believe that the chances of an economic collapse is coming is very high because the Left needs pissed off people in the streets like ANTIFA, in large numbers, in multiple cities, to get the killing started. When the coup is successful, the roundups and exterminations will begin in earnest by the new government. The lockdowns certainly have fulfilled this aspect. 2 . The likelihood of genocide against identified groups like Christian’s, Is harder to calculate.  But with the best data possible, the correlation is .84 which is still quite high3. Racial targeting of whites is trickier to calculate for a variety of reasons. The calculation is .86. If one were to include the increasing disappearance of Whites from TV commericans, the number would be much higher. Here are further resutls…Comparative Correlation to the Stanton Stages:Nazi Germany: 1.0China: .97Soviet Union: .96In other words, Stanton’s eight stages are excellent predictors of genocide and the United States numbers are equivalent in this regard.SummaryThere are clear limitations to my data approach. But they are clearly indictive of the fact that previously identified segments of the American people are in grave danger. A better, and a much more time consuming approach would be to enact the use of multiple regression analysis. This would help to better account for the analysis of the overlap of the 8 factors that Stanton mentioned. However, even this elementary analysis, this analysis clearly demonstrates that America is very close to becoming the next Nazi Germany.In summary, the United States is not quite to the point of these three genocidal societies from a statistical standpoint. However, it strongly appears that the US will match if not exceed these genocidal regimes, on the present course we have embarked upon. Further, if one considers the vaccines to be distinct threat to longevity, one would be able to successfully argue that the genocide has already started and the state-sponsored covid detention camps will finish the job. Can we turn this back at the ballot box? Stanton would argue that we cannot. Hodges would say no as well. As long as there are Dominion voting machines and absentee balloting, there will never be another free election which is another hallmark trait of a genocidal communist regime. Remember, it was the great genocidal promoting Stalin that once said “I do not care who votes, I only can who counts the votes.”The recent 2020 election theft had speaks clearly to this point. There may never be another free election again.   What if the people miraculously stand up to this tyranny, Ibelieve that, under the Kigali Principles, the United Nations would attack the United States with member states. Remember, the United States, thanks to Obama is a signatory to the Kigali Principals which allows the UN to enter a country, based on its own say so and take over that country by any means possible. In a case of civil disobedience or rebellion, there are 28 nations that would INVADE the US to end the rebellion. Either way, it appears that Stanton is likely correct, a genocide is in our future in a worst case scenario. And in a best case scenario, civil war or World War III, or both, represents the best case scenario. And people think I am crazy when I talk about the importance of guns, ammo, gold, food, water, medicine and tools as well as neighborhood alliances.So where is America at? The data is clear, we have completed Stage 6 and Stages 7 and 8 are developing. America is so close to genocide, but there are none so blind than those who refuse to see. I do not have a time frame. But with the rapidity of the events, this could all be over this year and most Americans will never know what hit them. The Covid lockdowns and subsequent Covid extermination camps, where euthanasia will soon be applied just like in New Zealand,  have created a sense of martial law which is an excellent springboard to more nefarious agendas. The question is no longer if we can save our nation, but whether or not, individual survival is still possible. Have you tried praying to Jesus for salvation?0flipboard 42  0  11  53     CommentsTo comment, you must Log In or RegisterAbout the Authordave hodgesDave Hodges has been publishing the Common Sense Show since 2012. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty. 
 How many more adverse effects have been covered up during the trials? – Maddie de Garay’s story.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L2GKPYzL_JQ
This story of Maddie de Garay is why…a) young children should not be vaccinated with drugs that haven’t been subjected to long term testing in adults and are proven to be safe b) drug companies should not be trusted to carry out trials on their own drugs given the inherent conflict of interest c) Health bureaucrats need to do better quality assurance around drug testing and d) politicians need to hold Health bureaucrats to account for their failure to detect adverse events from vaccines. Serious questions need to asked as to why Pfizer has not recorded Maddie’s injuries as a serious adverse event and calls into question the credibility of their Covid-19 vaccines trials.
1984 newsspeakREVEALED: Full list of western media outlets participating in Chinese communist propaganda eventsSubmitted by Dave Hodges on Tuesday, January 11, 2022 – 20:09.chiamNatalie WintersTheNationalPulse.com The effort, according to the U.S. government report, aims to “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence overseas Chinese communities, foreign governments, and other actors to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.”Evidenced through the Department of Justice’s Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) filings, a relationship spanning over a decade between establishment media outlets and CUSEF can be discerned.Sponsored Trips.With the assistance of BLJ, CUSEF has sponsored trips to China for the following outlets with the explicit goal of “effectively disseminat[ing] positive messages to the media, key influencers, and opinion leaders, and the general public” according to FARA filings.Dubbed “familiarization trips,” the criteria for participants included “effectiveness and opportunities for favorable coverage” in order to secure “favorable” coverage”In order to develop favorable coverage in key national media, BLJ will continue to organize and staff “familiarization trips” to China. This includes recruiting top journalists to travel to China, selected for effectiveness and opportunities for favorable coverage.  Outlets:VoxSlateBoston HeraldBoston GlobeHuffington PostThe AtlanticFox NewsNew York TimesNPRCNBCNewsweekLos Angeles TimesBaltimore SunChicago TribuneThe GuardianThe New YorkerThe Financial TimesForeign PolicyThe Philadelphia InquirerNew York MagazineYahoo FinanceNational JournalWashington PostForbesBloombergMinneapolis Star TribuneU.S. News & World ReportSan Francisco ChroniclePhiladelphia InquirerHarvard Business ReviewThe HillChicago MagazineMSNBCPrivate Dinners.In addition to CUSEF-sponsored travel, outlets also met with CUSEF officials and the BLJ CEO in various U.S. cities including New York, Washington, D.C., and Chicago. Often times, the meetings were described as “private dinners” in FARA filings.Outlets:Washington PostAssociated PressTIME MagazineNew York TimesCBSForbesPBSThe AtlanticThe EconomistCNBCWall Street JournalFinancial TimesNational JournalNPRPoliticoChicago TribuneBloombergBBCLos Angeles TimesQuartzAgence France PresseMcClatchy NewspapersCongressional QuarterlyBusinessweekCNNThe HillReutersABCNationYahoo!NewsweekThe National Pulse will continue its fearless reporting into the compromised nature of Western media and the reach of the Chinese Communist Party into U.S. institutions. Please consider supporting this crucial work.Read more of this article at: TheNationalPulse.com 0flipboard 1  0  1  2    CommentsTo comment, you must Log In or RegisterAbout the Authordave hodgesDave Hodges has been publishing the Common Sense Show since 2012. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual 
HISTORY OF IRAN. BUILDING A 400 MILE LONG WALL TO KEEP OUT BARBARIANS. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umWDb9rIyLo